Explaining to people that you are spiritual but not religious is often met with a confused expression. Commonly these two are grouped together and met with skepticism in our modern society where observable scientific fact reigns supreme, and non-material subjects take a back seat to materialistic aspirations. In reality spirituality is perhaps the most natural thing there is, it is simply your own conscious-self recognizing that you are more than just a body, that you are a soul with infinite potential. Spirituality is an individual journey, it is free from the dogmas, beliefs, hierarchies, and institutional structures of religion. Spirituality is about accessing that part of yourself that motivates you (us) at the deepest level, influencing how you think and behave, helping you find a true and useful place in your community, culture and in the world. Spirituality is a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, an internal guide for reaching a state of utter contentedness with oneself and the entirety of existence. If you examine religion they all stem from a deep spirituality. Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus all had deeply profound spiritual journeys before they embarked down their own paths. It is my belief that all religions have truth to them, but it is important to focus on root commonality of religious beliefs and not the distinctions.


I have reserved this space to document my own personal spiritual journey, and to share my spiritual process, as well as the thoughts and beliefs of others. I wish to share anything that I connect with, be it photography, quotes, exercises, blogs, or philosophical perspectives. Ultimately I would like to include spiritual perspectives from varied religions and cultures my spiritual exploration and enlightenment remaining the overarching theme. I welcome all to set forth on this journey with me, as well as sharing their spirituality and truth through the process.